Swim in the Jungle !

Welcome to the Ubud’s no beach… beach club !

Jungle Fish is a “must do” in Ubud, where you can experience swimming amidst the lush jungle, in the beautiful landscape of the Ubud area. Open-air split-level restaurant and pool bar perched on the side of a ridge overlooking the Osh River Valley, Jungle Fish is located just 10 minutes’ drive north of Ubud. It is part of the Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa*****, a luxury Resort well known for its airy, designer, private pool Villas. In the Resort, you can experience :

  • our “no beach… beach club” where you can chill out with your kids, friends or your beloved; enjoy snacks and cocktails throughout the day.
  • our Chapung Spa, located next to the pool, where you can indulge in a complete therapy with Balinese massage, facial treatments, pedicures and much more…
  • our Jungle Fish restaurant where you can have breakfast and lunch with a stunning view over the pool and the green valley.
  • our spacious Villas with private pool and our Suites with plunge pool and valley view.
  • our fine-dining restaurant Di Abing, where you can taste a unique fusion cuisine of Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

From breakfast to snacks and late lunch, our Jungle Fish restaurant offers you a wide choice of dishes and drinks that will satisfy every palate !


Dear Guests, we are expanding and improving our Resort and therefore we apologize for the noise and disturbance it may cause. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to the improvement of our facilities and your comfort.



The entrance fee enables you to access the whole pool facilities : pool, bar, shower, bathroom, lounging area, kid pool… and includes a towel if you wish to swim :

From the 1st October until the 31st May :

100 000 IDR net/adult, including 1 towel

50 000 IDR net/child, including 1 towel

From the 1st June until the 30th September :

150 000 IDR net/adult, including 1 towel

75 000 IDR net/child, including 1 towel

Free <6 years old

We highly recommend our guests to book in advance. We hold reservations until 12 o’clock and we do not take reservations for later than this time. In case of delay and without notification, we release the space after 30 minutes from the booked time.

The below spots are not bookable but you may choose your favorite one on site, upon availability.


Sun lounger

Alone or with your fellow, lay down near the pool, under the sun or in the shadow of a coconut tree and let the Jungle Fish vibe do the rest.
Space : 1 or 2 persons


Hanging bed

Swing with your friends on one of our hanging beds and realize that Home is not a place but a feeling.
Space : 4 persons



Hang out with your beloved or family in a comfortable nest set a little bit back from the pool.
Space : 4 persons


Table by the pool

You can book a table by the pool and have lunch or play cards with your friends.
Space : 4 persons


Jungle Fish provides a pick-up and drop-off service.

Please indicate your location, time and number of guests to transport, our Front Office will provide you the rate and arrange a transportation.

Reservations : reservations@junglefishbali.com


Coming to Jungle Fish implies your acceptance of those rules :

  • No Lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
  • Proper swim attire is required. No street clothes, cut offs, denim shorts are allowed in the pool area.
  • Children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by and under the supervision of a parent /guardian at all times.
  • All children under 13 years of age must be accompanied in the water by a parent/guardian at a ratio of one parent/guardian to four children.
  • Children who cannot swim must be within an arm’s reach of a parent /guardian and remain in the children’s pool. There must be one parent /guardian for each child who cannot swim.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, pets are not allowed.
  • No food or drinks from outside are allowed in the pool area.
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the pool.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the pool.
  • Guests under the effect of alcohol or any other substance may be refused access to the pool.
  • No running on the deck.
  • No pushing, shoving, horseplay, or inappropriate behavior is allowed. The Jungle Fish reserves the right to exclude any guest from the pool because of its behavior.
  • No diving, backward dives and flips allowed.
  • No sitting, standing, playing on the outer ledge of the pool.
  • Children, who are not toilet trained, must wear swim diapers.
  • During peak hours, pool patrons must share lanes and circle swim.
  • The pool will be closed for 30 minutes in cases of bad weather (thunder, lightning strikes, tornado warnings, etc).
  • Gum and Band-Aids must be deposited in the trash cans before entering the water.
  • Glass, sharp objects, or any other items which might cause injury or accidents shall not be allowed in the pool or pool area.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose, or discharging bodily waste in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • All guest using the swimming pool must take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Guests having open blisters, cuts, wounds are advised not to use the pool.


Enjoy your swim !


All our ingredients are MSG free and most of them are produced in the Resort’s organic gardens and rice paddies.
If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

In peak days and hours, orders can be served within a 25 to 40 minutes period, we thank you for your patience.
Prices are in IDR and subject to 21% government tax and service charge.


Jungle Fish recently installed a new pizza wood oven.

Our pizzas are now AMAZING ! Try and let us know what you think.


We added new dishes to our menu. You will experience more variety with creative recipes, all made with fresh qualitative ingredients and love ! Let us know what you think.

  • EGGS BENEDICT    contains-pork-icon

    2 poached eggs, ham, asparagus, hollandaise on toasted sour dough

  • GREEK OMELETTE    vegetarian-icon

    Feta, oregano, onion, tomato

  • AVOCADO DI CAPRIO    vegetarian-icon

    2 poached eggs, tomato salsa, feta cheese, balsamic, water crest on toasted sour dough

  • ARABIC BREAKFAST    vegetarian-icon

    Grilled eggplant stuffed with spinach ricotta, tabbouleh salad, poached egg

  • ENGLISH BREAKFAST   contains-pork-icon

    Sausage, hash brown, tomato, mushroom, bacon, any type of egg, sour dough


    Onion, smoked salmon, poached egg, dill

Sweet tooth


    Mango brûlée and icing sugar


    Strawberry and maple syrup


    Orange blueberry glyko, pineapple compote, mascarpone, almond


    Banana and homemade chocolate sauce

  • FRESH FRUIT PLATTER   gluten-free-icon   vegan-icon

    Selection of fresh seasonal fruits

  • JUNGLE BOWL   vegetarian-icon

    Dragonfruit smooth, yogurt, mango, coconut flake, quinoa, strawberry

    • THAI BEEF SALAD     recommended-icon   contain-chili-icon   gluten-free-icon

      Young papaya, carrot, mint, coriander, tomato, cucumber, bean sprout, crispy potato, nam jim dressing

    • GREEK SALAD    vegetarian-icon

      Tomato, cucumber, onion, olive, feta cheese, caper, lettuce, parsley, pepper, pita bread

    • GOAT CHEESE SALAD    vegetarian-icon   gluten-free-icon

      Goat cheese brulee, orange, onion, lettuce, tomato, granola

    • POMELO SALAD    vegan-icon

      Fennel, raisin, broccoli, romaine, pepper, radicchio, rice puff, orange vinaigrette

    • CHICKEN AND QUINOA SALAD    gluten-free-icon

      Romaine, avocado, potato, asparagus, watercress, cherry tomato, parmesan, lime mustard dressing


      VEGETABLE  vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN

      Carrot, cabbage, rice noodles, bean sprouts, sweet chili sauce


      Served with cucumber relish

    • FALAFEL  vegetarian-icon


      Pita bread, tomato salsa, tahini, rocket


      Crispy fried fish fillet, tartare sauce

    • SIU MAI DUMPLING    contains-pork-icon

      Chicken, pork, shrimp, shiitake, sesame soy sauce

    • CHICKEN CURRY QUESADILLAS     contain-chili-icon   recommended-icon

      Curry sauce, grilled chicken, onion, coriander, mozzarella


      Crispy fried calamari, sweet chili mayonnaise

    • EDAMAME    vegan-icon   gluten-free-icon

      Japanese soya bean, olive oil, salt

    • FRENCH FRIES    vegan-icon   gluten-free-icon

    • PITA BREAD  | SOUR DOUGH BREAD   vegan-icon

    • To share


        Multi seeds, pita, sourdough, grissini served with a selection of dips

      • ASIAN PLATTER   contains-pork-icon   recommended-icon

        Thai fish cake, veggie spring roll, chicken satay, siu mai dumpling,sweet chili sauce, sesame soy sauce

      • MEZZE PLATTER    recommended-icon

        Mini pita bread, fried calamari, tartare, rocket
        Mini pita bread, grilled prawn, olive, mango salsa
        Mini pita bread, grilled lamb, tzatziki, tomato salsa
        Mini pita bread, beetroot feta, falafel, onion


      (All burgers and sandwiches are served with French fries)

      • VEGGIE PANINI    vegetarian-icon

        Olive focaccia, lettuce, grilled pepper, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, salsa verde, feta crumb


        Ciabatta bread, lettuce, pickle carrot, tomato, barbeque sauce, mild cheddar

      • THAI FISH BURGER    contain-chili-icon

        Thai fish cake, lettuce, thai salad, cheddar

      • GREEK WRAP

        Pita bread, lamb, tzatziki, tomato, onion, cucumber


        Sour dough, sirloin, rocket, pickle radish, onion, tomato, mozarella, barbeque saucee

      • JUNGLE FISH BURGER     recommended-icon   contains-pork-icon

        Rocket, bacon, tomato, onion, pickle cucumber, mozarella, honey lime mustard

      • MEXICAN BURGER   contain-chili-icon

        Beef, guacamole, tomato, onion, mozzarella, jalapeno, sourcream

      • BAKED FETA CHEESE    contain-chili-icon   vegetarian-icon   gluten-free-icon

        Garlic, tomato, shallot, olive oil, oregano

      • VEGGIE MOUSSAKA    vegetarian-icon

        Potato, zucchini, eggplant, lentil, béchamel, parmesan


        Penne, beef bolognese sauce, béchamel, parmesan

      • SPINACH SPAGHETTI   vegetarian-icon

        Marinara, olive, feta

      • CREAMY MUSHROOM TAGLIATELLE   vegetarian-icon

        Garlic, parmesan, mushroom, oyster mushroom, parsley


        SPICY LIME SEAFOOD PENNE   contain-chili-icon

        Crab, prawn, garlic, dill, caper, parmesan

      • MIE GORENG

        VEGGIE vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN | SEAFOOD

        Fried noodle, carrot, cabbage, bok choi, soft boiled egg, crispy shallot

      • CHICKEN KEBAB (2 pcs)

        Tomato, pepper, onion, chicken in skewer served with pita bread, tzatziki, lettuce

      • PORK KEBAB (2 pcs)   contains-pork-icon

        Tomato, pepper, onion, pork in skewer served with pita bread, tzatziki, lettuce

      • SATAY   gluten-free-icon

        VEGGIE vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN

        Served with peanut sauce

      • BARBECUE CHICKEN WING   gluten-free-icon

        Served with French fries

      • BARBECUE PORK RIBS   gluten-free-icon   contains-pork-icon

        Served with French fries

      • MIE GORENG

        VEGGIE vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN | SEAFOOD

        Fried noodle, carrot, cabbage, bok choi, soft boiled egg, crispy shallot

      (8 slices)

      • GARLIC    vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic, parsley flakes

      • MARGHERITA   vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, tomato, bocconcini, mozzarella, parmesan

      • SPANAKOPIZZA  vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, spinach, feta, dill, mozzarella

      • ANTIPASTO   vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, artichoke, grilled pepper, zucchini, olive, basil

      • SPICY MERGUEZ   contain-chili-icon

        Tomato sauce, chili, mozzarella, merguez sausage, zucchini

      • CHEESE LOVER  vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, oregano

      • ANCHOVY

        Tomato sauce, bocconcini, olive, onion, rucola

      • PROSCIUTTO   contains-pork-icon

        Tomato sauce, feta, olive, prosciutto, rucola


        Barbecue sauce, duck, onion, pineapple, sping onion, mozzarella, parsley flakes

      • PERSIAN

        Tomato sauce, minced lamb, onion, feta, mozzarella, walnut, tzatziki, parsley

      • SALAMI PIZZA   contains-pork-icon

        Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, grilled pepper, artichoke, basil


        Tomato sauce, caper, onion, mozzarella, smoked salmon, dill

      • GOAT CHEESE  vegetarian-icon

        Tomato sauce, beetroot, fig jam, watercress, almond

      • PANDAN CRÈME BRULEE    recommended-icon

        Passion fruit sorbet, almond crisp

      • JUNGLE BOWL    gluten-free-icon

        Dragonfruit smooth, yogurt, mango, coconut flake, quinoa, strawberry

      • BLACK RICE PUDDING    gluten-free-icon

        Coconut sorbet, mango, strawberry, honey ring



        Choux pastry, chocolate custard


        Served with maple syrup, walnut and strawberry sorbet

      • FRUIT PLATTER   gluten-free-icon

        Selection of tropical fruit


        Coconut sorbet
        Passion fruit sorbet

      • MIE GORENG

        VEGGIE vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN | SEAFOOD

        Fried noodle, carrot, cabbage, bok choi, soft boiled egg, crispy shallot


        VEGGIE vegetarian-icon | CHICKEN | SEAFOOD

        Fried rice, bok choi, egg, green peas

      • KIDS PASTA



        Beef, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, served with French fries


        Chicken breast, chicken sausage, green salad, served with steamed rice or French fries


        Crispy fried fish fillet, tartare sauce, fries